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2017 Reflections – 2018 Goals


January 16, 2018

How I am achieving goals in 2018 by using powersheets and my simplified planner

It is officially a new year! I first want to first say that I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and that you were able to rest and spend time with family and friends. I am super excited to share my thoughts as I reflect on all that happened in 2017 and my goals for 2018 as we start the new year. 


This past holiday season definitely crept up on me so I felt a little rushed in trying to get everything done in time to celebrate with family and friends. My husband and I were fortunate enough to get to go back to North Carolina this past year where both of our families live to spend the Christmas holiday with them. Since this past year we moved a lot farther away it is always nice when we get to see them.


When we got back to Pittsburgh I had some time to reflect on the past year and started to think about what I wanted the upcoming year to look like. There always seems to be this odd week that is in between Christmas and New Years where I find myself in a funk. The excitement of Christmas has come and gone and since I can’t seem to stay up past midnight (which makes me feel super old haha) I am not a person that really looks forward to celebrating New Years. However this year I just took the time in between the two holidays and just relaxed. I didn’t feel guilty about not doing anything and it actually enabled me to feel recharged when Jan 2nd actually came.


Before I share about my goals for 2018 I wanted to share my thoughts as I reflect on the prior year. I feel like taking time to reflect on the prior year can help in determining my goals for the new year. This past year was a big one in terms of change. The first big change was that my husband, Justin, accepted a new job so we moved from Virginia to Pittsburgh, PA. The company offered us temporary housing because of the date of the move and the earliest we could find an apartment so this meant we had to have all of our stuff placed into storage for 60 days, while we lived in a hotel until we finally got to move into our apartment. To read more about our move you can find it on my previous blog post “Happy Birthday To Me, Turning 28 Today.” If that wasn’t enough change then I quit my full time job and finally announced the start of my business.

Setting goals as I reflect on the past year where we moved from VA to PA

Growing up I did not experience a lot of change so any type of change has always taken me longer to adjust to then it might take others. It has taken me several months to get adjusted to all the change that occurred in just a few short months but I am glad that I have finally started to adjust and now feel much more comfortable in a new city.


2017 was quite the adventure and 2018 doesn’t seem to be short of exciting changes and new adventures as well.


Hopefully the biggest change that will occur in 2018 is that Justin and I will purchase our first home together.


That brings me to my goals for 2018. Obviously my first and biggest goal of 2018 is for Justin and I to buy our first home. We have just started in figuring out how to navigate the process and it is exciting and nerve racking at the same time! I am honestly just so excited to be able to have a space where we can create memories together. I almost started to cry (an excited cry) the other day just thinking about it.


I feel like most would agree when they say that normally when they set new goals for the year that either eating healthy or exercising more is on their goals list. Exercising and better meal planning is definitely on my goal list for 2018. I haven’t quite figured out what specifically I want this goal to look like when I complete it. I just know I want to feel more energized and less anxious and maintaining a healthier lifestyle will definitely help me in both those areas.

Healthy eating is normally a goal for most people as they set goals for the new year

Another goal I have for 2018 is to start using a bullet journal. I started following Amanda Hedgepeth towards the end of 2017 and started to create my own lifeflow lists like the ones she offers in her shop. They really helped me in being accountable and feeling less stressed since I was able to write all my to-do’s down and keep them out of my brain space. However sometimes I felt like I was writing things down twice (once in my simplified planner and another time on the list) so I have decided I wanted to start a bullet journal so I can keep up with the items I need to complete daily, weekly, and monthly. I found some ideas that I like on Pinterest so I can’t wait to start on the journal.


When you are running a business there are so many things to keep up with that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with social media. But this year I wanted to do a better job of pre planning so that I have time to blog more and post on social media. One of the area’s I want to explore more on my blog is by having post filled with wedding advice and also DIY ideas and tips. I spent countless hours as a bride trying to explore and research all the options/topics on things I had no clue on so hopefully this will help other brides.  


Lastly, I want to take a little bit more time to explore some of the crafts that I have wanted to try for a while. This year I really hope to try calligraphy. Plus I bought Justin a Christmas Stocking that I was going to cross stitch almost three years ago (because my mom had hand cross stitch stockings for our family when we were born) and I still haven’t finished it so that is definitely a goal of mine for this year. Especially so when we get our own home together then we can both have stockings that were hand made at Christmas time.

Finishing Justin's Christmas stocking is one of my goals for 2018

To help me achieve these goals I am going to use Cultivate What Matters Powersheets. I have in the past bought them but then never ended up using them at all. In fact when we moved I found three old sets that were completely blank. Now reflecting back on why they were never used was probably because I was still figuring out who I really was and what I wanted to accomplish in life. This year I went with the 6 month undated edition because it didn’t feel as daunting to just be able to plan for 6 months and then if I missed one month then I didn’t feel like I failed.  Also I love now that they come bound. If you are interested in seeing what they look like you can by clicking here. I am so glad I have already started them and am making small progress.


So to recap my goals for 2018 (or at least the first half) are:

  1. Buy our first house
  2. Buy and set up a bullet journal
  3. Establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle
    1. Mainly I want to exercise more regularly and eat better (which is hard when you have a major sweet tooth)
  4. Pre plan social media so I can start to share DIY blog post and wedding planning, design, and logistic advice for brides
  5. Try Calligraphy
  6. Finish Justin’s Christmas Stocking


Let me know below in the comments what are some of the goals you hope to achieve this year?






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