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How to Reuse Ceremony Flowers at the Reception

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September 21, 2017

Are your ceremony and reception in the same venue? Have you wondered what to do with the flowers from your ceremony after the room gets flipped for the reception? Do you not want to break your budget by having to get flowers for both the reception and the ceremony? If any of these questions sound like ones you have asked yourself then you should consider reusing your ceremony flowers for your reception.

Reusing flowers from your ceremony can be a great way to make your budget stretch and showcase the ceremony flowers again at the reception. Regardless of whether or not you are having your reception and ceremony in the same space any bride can reuse their florals from their ceremony in the reception.  The top three ways I think you can get the most use out of your ceremony flowers for your reception include reusing alter arrangements as tall centerpieces, reusing bridesmaid bouquets in short centerpieces and/or reuse the flowers from the ceremony aisle in your centerpieces at the reception. Below I explain how it is possible and give some inspirational images of how to execute the ideas.


#1 Reuse alter arrangements

A great way to be able to reuse your ceremony flowers again in your reception is by having your florist create alter arrangements. The type of arrangement that is ideal for this scenario is a tall arrangement that sits on a riser. Then after the ceremony is over all that is needed is to take the arrangements off the riser’s and place them on the center of the tables with some votive holders and candles, creating a sophisticated and elegant look. Your guests will never know they were the exact same arrangements from the ceremony.

In the images below you will see that the tall arrangements at the alter and then again as the centerpiece. At this venue the couple did not need risers because the stairs were able to act as a riser but you could still achieve this same look with risers.

Reuse Alter Arrangements as Tall Centerpieces

Both of the images are by Jessica Ryan Photography; and the floral/event design is by Courtney Inghram; you can see more of the wedding on Courtney’s blog post.


#2 Using bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces

Another great way to make your budget stretch by reusing flowers from the ceremony is by using bridesmaid bouquets in centerpieces. Depending on the shape of the tables that you are having at your reception you could use the bridesmaid bouquets, which otherwise may just sit on the head table unnoticed, two different ways. If you are having round tables I love it when brides reuse the bridesmaid bouquets in vases mixed with vases holding candles. The great thing about this option is that you can either use the same candle holders or you can mix them up by using different styles and personalize them based on your own personal style. Just make sure that they are at varying heights so it will create visual interest and dimension. If you are not having circular tables then the bridesmaid bouquets could be used on a long table in vases mixed with a variety of candles and candle holders or candlesticks with candles. Also, if you have a little extra room in your budget you could add a greenery garland to the centerpieces as well.

In the images below you will see that the image on left shows how the bouquets could be a centerpiece on a round table and in the image on the right you can see what it would like with the bouquets on a rectangular table. In the image on the right they had several bouquets but if you do not have as many bouquets you could just use more candles in place of the bouquets.

Reuse ceremony flowers, bouquets, in centerpiece

Image on the left is by KMI Photography; Floral, Wedding Planning, Day-of Coordination and Event Design/Styling is by Salt Harbor Designs; Rentals, Linens, and Lighting is by Party Suppliers // Image on the right is by Brinton Studios; Floral, Event Design and Planning by Love This Day Events; See the feature on Style Me Pretty here.


#3 Reusing flowers from the aisle

Lastly, have you ever thought about either a garland lining the aisle or wooden boxes planters filled with lush florals lining the aisle for the ceremony? This is a great way to add flowers to your ceremony space and then be able to reuse them again during the reception. If you choose the wooden boxes or planters then they can just be picked up after the ceremony and placed on a long table or round table with some votive’s to complete the table. If you have envisioned a garland lining the aisle for your ceremony with lanterns it could be reused on a long table with added candlesticks, candles or lanterns. Either skinny candlesticks or thicker ones could be used based on your personal preference to complete the look. Depending on your florist you may be able to rent the candlesticks from them or you could provide them on your own.

The images below show how using wooden boxes or planters on the ceremony aisle can be great for both an indoor wedding and an outside wedding. They look great at the end of pews and they look great at the end of aisles for an outdoor ceremony.

reuse ceremony flowers, aisle arrangements, as centerpieces

Image on the left is by Elisa Bricker; the flowers were by Mallory Joyce Design and the wedding was featured on Borrowed and Blue  //  Image on right is by Jasmine Star and Stephanie Fay; Flowers by Heavenly Blooms; Event Design by Love and Splendor; Event Decor/ Rentals by Found Vintage Rentals and the wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty.


The great thing about any of these options is that they would compliment a wide variety of venues (both indoor and outside), color schemes and you can infuse your own personal style into each option.  You can use all three of the ideas or just one and mix it with other centerpieces. I personally think that a mix of centerpiece options, either two, three or four depending on the number of guests and tables you will have, helps add personality and variety to the table designs. Plus it allows you to not have to pick between loving more than one style of centerpiece, as long as the florals and colors are consistent in the pieces then the design will look cohesive. 


If you are in the process of planning a wedding and would like to discuss how you can personalize these ideas to make it specific to your event I would love to discuss how I can help. Please feel free to contact me here!


I would love to know if you are a bride to be, do you plan on reusing your ceremony flowers again at your reception?


If you already married I would love to know if you did reuse your flowers from the ceremony, what advice would you have to brides who are in the planning process now and are planning on doing the same?








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